5 Money Matters Women Should Know More About

There are many issues around money that bring great angst to women.  For me, I never really had this problem. I was raised by strong women and a strong father that supported and empowered me.  I felt like the world was always with me.  That is until one day when I went to buy a car.  I was newly married and we had just moved a small town in North Georgia.  It was a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon.  I drove up to the dealership with the top off my jeep to inquire about purchasing a new vehicle. No I wasn’t going to trade in my jeep.  No I did not need a loan (I had the money saved up to pay cash).  Yet, as I answered these questions for the salesperson they looked down on me.  They did not seem to like my answers.  They never did show me a car.  I had to bring my husband back before I was able to test drive a car.  Hmmmm……

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What Getting Naked in Korea Taught Me About Buying a House

This blog post is dedicated to all of the medical personnel at Osan Air Force Base ER and the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital at Yongsan Garrison who have taken amazing care of my sister; and to Cadi Jordan (find Cadi on Google+ +Cadi Jordan or Twitter @CadiJordan ) who is forever reminding me through her tweets and direct messages to take care of myself (I finally listened).
In case, you didn’t get the last minute text from me, you should know that I am in Seoul, South Korea at this very moment helping take care of my sister who was rushed to the ER last week. I found out that I was urgently needed and would have to fly out to Korea with about 12 hours’ notice.  There was quite a bit to do in those 12 hours; you have my apologies if you didn’t get a personal text or email with all of the details.  Please accept this post as a creative substitute for personal communication.

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The Truth About Island Living

What they don’t tell you on TV, but you need to know to make your dream come true


Truth be told, I had a little bit of insomnia the other night.  In my late night quandary of what to do since I could not sleep and counting sheep seemed pointless, I decided to indulge in a guilty pleasure of watching some reality TV and dreaming about living in the Caribbean. Doesn’t that sound so nice; sand, sun, and time passing by ever so slowly as you sit sipping on drinks with little pink umbrellas while listening to the waves from the crystal blue ocean waters softly crashing into the white sandy beaches as you peer over the rim of your sunglasses to watch the sunset?

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