Pearly’s New Pad – Diving Right In

Mallory starts searching for her new home online & figures out how to choose a lenderTalk about misconceptions – humans think a goldfish’s life is dull?  Not around here.   Mallory dove into the house buying business with her usual focus. (It’s closer to obsession but I love her so we’ll leave it at focus.) Unfortunately, my human just doesn’t know the right questions to ask about all of this so she’s kind of going around in circles – which is my thing not hers.  Not that I’m certain of the right questions either, my living quarters are portable, but I do know that we don’t know our options (especially when it comes down to how we choose a lender). 

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Pearly’s New Pad – The Adventure Begins

Pearly the Goldfish begins her adventure helping her human find a new homeLooks like we’re moving – again.  Just this morning my human said: “Hey Pearly, think it’s time we owned our own place, don’t you? “  Not that I mind, it’s getting pretty boring looking at these apartment walls and that roommate definitely needs an upgrade.  I’d been expecting this; she’s been surfing real estate sites on the Net so I’ve been boning up on the whole human house – buying routine anyway. (Although I love my human, let’s face it, she sometimes doesn’t do her research as well as she could.) That’s one of the advantages of being a Goldfish, you have a lot of time to think while you swim those circles.

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