Pearly’s New Pad – Picking The Loan

So glad to see all of you back because I could really use a break right now.  Apparently I’m not good at human acronyms. (And, modesty aside, we know that I’m quite good at most things.)   We went through the decisions on types of mortgages this week; it’s a good thing that our loan officer Christy was there or Mallory might well have decided on entirely the wrong kind of mortgage altogether!  At least, she might have once we had figured out all of the types of loans there are.  I’ll be eternally grateful that Christy had reasons for helping Mallory put each type on the “possible” or “not for us” list. As far as initially understanding what we were looking at, I really spent the week feeling like a fish out of water.

Really humans, it’s so much simpler in my world; find a quiet backwater with enough aquatic plants and swim right in.  As long as there aren’t too many Kingfishers or Heron around you’re set.  But, back to your world and your acronyms.

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