About Me

The Road Less Traveled

The Short Version:

Mortgage Lender (NMLS #810728) | Strategic Sales Leader | Turning Possibility Into Reality | Delivering Ambitious Results | Building Powerful Teams | Empowering Individuals | Igniting Strengths | Certified Yoga Teacher | Started My 1st Company at age 20 | Obstacles Create Opportunity




The Long Version:

Christy Soukhamneut is a 20+ year veteran of the mortgage industry that is dedicated to turning possibility into reality.  She does this by helping loan officers build their unique selling propositions around their individual strengths and then holds them accountable to achieving their dreams. She helps loan officers deliver ambitious results by giving them an actionable plan that capitalizes on today’s opportunities and positions them for future success.

Everything she does is evaluated against these three bars: Will it make your life easier?  Will it help you & your team be more productive? Will it help you grow your business? Christy knows that it’s more than lending money; it’s their future.  To achieve ambitious results you have to have a purpose in everything you do and simultaneously leverage the tools and resources available.  Christy helps talented loan officers that want to dominate figure out the best ways to invest their time, talent, and money to achieve greater success faster than they thought possible.Christy Soukhamneut

Christy has been recognized as a top producing loan officer and manager by the Home Builders Association of Savannah, the Mortgage Banker’s Association of Georgia, the Mortgage Banker’s Association of Savannah, and her employers.  She was also recognized as Affiliate of the Year twice by the Savannah Board of Realtors® Young Council of Realtors ®.

Christy has worked as a loan officer, an executive, and everywhere in between.  Purchase sales strategy is her passion and she gets her greatest joy from seeing others achieve their dreams.  She is a firm believer in the power of knowledge, continuous education, and giving back to your community and industry.  She currently serves or  has served on a wide variety of committees for the Home Builders Association, The Board of Realtors, and the Mortgage Banker’s Association – where she is avid that everyone join Mortgage Action Alliance.

Christy holds a masters in business administration and a bachelors of business with a double major in economics and finance.  Christy lives in Savannah, GA. She has been married for 22 years and has two children.