Pearly’s New Pad – Picking The Loan

So glad to see all of you back because I could really use a break right now.  Apparently I’m not good at human acronyms. (And, modesty aside, we know that I’m quite good at most things.)   We went through the decisions on types of mortgages this week; it’s a good thing that our loan officer Christy was there or Mallory might well have decided on entirely the wrong kind of mortgage altogether!  At least, she might have once we had figured out all of the types of loans there are.  I’ll be eternally grateful that Christy had reasons for helping Mallory put each type on the “possible” or “not for us” list. As far as initially understanding what we were looking at, I really spent the week feeling like a fish out of water.

Really humans, it’s so much simpler in my world; find a quiet backwater with enough aquatic plants and swim right in.  As long as there aren’t too many Kingfishers or Heron around you’re set.  But, back to your world and your acronyms.

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Pearly’s New Pad – Getting The Loan Done

 I have a better understanding of the human psyche than most of my species but even I don’t understand this human fascination with documentation. Mallory claims that’s because goldfish learn to recognize the other fish in their tank pretty quickly so we don’t constantly have to prove who we are; although I really do think the dear girl is just making excuses for humans.  Be that as it may, we’re just documenting away here, well actually I’m directing since paper and water don’t really mix well. And do we have documentation!

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Pearly’s New Pad – Searching for a Lender

Choosing a lenderSo, let me catch you up on what has been going on around here in the great house adventure. I’ve been doing some detecting on getting mortgages and it looks like I’ve finally got an ally in the “let’s be logical and know what we’re doing” battle. Holy mackerel, for an intelligent human Mallory just wasn’t doing well plotting her course.  Get this, new house in the near future and she wanted to buy a new car.  One slip in internet surfing, just one, she ends up on a new car website and my girl gets reeled in hook, line and sinker.  (I did write an email to the auto company complimenting them on their marketing, but that’s really not the point.)

It was pretty clear that we had to deep dive into finding someone to help who had a good grasp of all of this before we got into hot water. (Which is really not good for me.) We hadn’t moved on from the friend-of-the-friend-of-the-friend-knows-something-about-mortgages stage that we were in a couple of weeks ago.

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Is a VA Loan Right for Me?

Whether you’re buying your dream home or refinancing your existing home, deciding on the right loan product is a crucial decision.  It is an important step in laying the foundation for your family’s financial future.

There are a lot of loan choices.  The one that was right for your friend or family member may or may not be right for you.  It truly depends on your situation and your financial goals.

Key to your financial future
Finding the right loan unlocks your financial future

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What do fries and mortgages have in common? They both come in jumbo sizes.

I am not suggesting that mortgages are a commodity like fries and a milkshake. I am not even suggesting that you should eat French fries for lunch.  In fact, should you decide to skip out on your normal grilled chicken and spinach salad and splurge on French fries for lunch you probably don’t think that all fries are the same. I know I don’t think they are all the same.  I prefer skinny French fries that are very crispy, but not burnt.  And there is a hole in the wall in Auburn, AL that makes the best vanilla milk shakes on the planet.  Enough about that before I have to run an extra three miles today.

Mortgages are exactly like those fries and shakes; there is one that is just right for you.

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Should I Lock or Float My Mortgage Interest Rate?

The answer to this question largely depends on you.  Just how much of a gambler are you?  Do you like to go to Vegas and bet the house on the single roll of the dice or does putting a dollar into the slot machine make you break out in hives?  The answer to this question could very well tell you whether to lock or float your mortgage interest rate.

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