How to Build a House without Getting Divorced!

The first house my husband and I ever bought, we built.  Over the last 21+ years of marriage, we have built 3 additional homes and completely remodeled another. The remodel might have really been the one that did us in – I only wish I had the before and after pictures to show you. PLUS, we were young and stupid and did almost 100% of the work ourselves while selling a house and then living in the midst of a remodel job with no kitchen.  It was truly urban camping.

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What do I need in my piggybank to buy my first house?


While working on this blogpost, I asked my daughter this question (and posted it to my SnapChat story).  Her answer; $60,000.  WOW! Her answer and the SnapChat responses really got me thinking, there are a lot of misconceptions out there.


The real answer is that there isn’t just one answer.  It varies depending on your particular situation and your financial goals. So pull up a chair and let’s sit and talk about money. I know this isn’t always the most comfortable of topics to discuss so, just for a moment, let’s pretend that you and I are sitting on the back porch overlooking the kids playing in the yard and having this conversation over a glass of wine.

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What do stolen laptops and mortgage lending have in common?

It turns out stolen laptops and mortgage lending have one big connection – TRUST.


A mortgage loan is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime.  It is imperative that you work with someone you trust.  You are going to be sharing with them your most intimate financial secrets and your biggest financial goals.  You need to TRUST that they are working in your best interest to not only get your loan closed on time, but to also ensure that you have the loan that best suits your financial needs. Knowing that you have a place to lay your head at night that is not under a bridge in a cardboard box and that they place your needs ahead of their commission is extremely important.  It’s also important to know that your mortgage lender looks at you as a unique individual and not as just another loan.  You don’t want them to be in a rut just doing the same old loan for every single customer and not truly assessing your individual needs. That’s a lot of trust to place in one person.

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And would you like a pint of blood too?

Getting a mortgage today is a bit paperwork intensive; and that might be an understatement.  But, knowing what you need in advance and having it handy will make your mortgage process go a lot smoother.  It can also speed up the time it takes to close your loan.


Income documents-

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Do you have lender problems?

moversDon’t miss out on buying your dream house because another lender dropped the ball. Let the professionals at Starkey Mortgage help save the day.

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