Don’t Say Anything At All

Do you have something to say?

If you don’t have anything to say; don’t say anything!


This might seem like weird advice.  It stems back to the old saying my mother used to say all the time “If you can’t say something nice; don’t say anything at all.” 

 Go Live in 3 2 1

Lately it seems that everywhere I turn all the influencers, social media gurus, and digital marketers are saying that you should be saying something.  Facebook is running commercials touting the fact that you, yes you can have your own TV station on their platform.  Just look into the camera and start broadcasting.  It’s easy.  Everyone is doing it. Just be yourself.  Be authentic. Your tribe will find you.

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That’s all well and good.  You should step out of your comfort zone.  Face your fears.  Video is where things are headed.  But, not everyone should be doing it.  Not everyone has something to say. 


Don’t Go Live if:

·        You haven’t honed your craft

·        You have nothing of value to share

·        You cannot be succinct and precise

·        You aren’t doing this as part of a well thought out strategy

·        You haven’t looked into the ramifications for you and your company


Do Go Live if:

·        You have a plan and this will add to your message

·        This is just outside your comfort zone and fear is just holding you back

·        You have your legal ducks in a row

 Do you have something to say?


It’s easy to get distracted by shiny. It’s also easy to work really hard.  What’s hard is stepping back and doing the hard work of strategically planning out your business and figuring out what will truly work for you and your business so that when you invest your time, effort and money that you’re working on things that have impact on what matters most in your business and bring value to you and those you serve.

If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all

30 thoughts on “Don’t Say Anything At All”

  1. Preach.. I keep getting these little red dot notifications saying someone is live and 9 times out of ten it is a friend who is putting out something stupid… so annoying. I prefer to read because I can skim and I get annoyed by the ums, and uh, and smacking and stuff like that… that I bounce. I keep meaning to do it.. but … just … haven’t! Great point on the legal too!

  2. It’s refreshing to hear this, Christy, as there is such a big push to use video. I for one prefer to read things. I often use waiting time (such as at doctors and dentists) to scroll through and don’t want to disturb others with noise (I never remember to carry my earphones).

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, Christy! I find the idea that everyone can have a live TV platform on FB, or anywhere else online, really annoying indeed. Everyone seems to want their proverbial 15-minutes of fame.

    To capture my imagination, a video must look tasteful, be well lit and have something of value to say. I am really over the amateur status everything online seems to continue being reduced to when it comes to video. I’ve also had someone I know mention that most people over a certain age (like me) don’t really resonate with video, so she keeps it out of her business plan. Thanks for the great advice and insights!

    1. Beverly, I had not thought about this as your 15-minutes of fame, but what a great way to look at it……now you can get 15 minutes today and tomorrow and the next day. But, to what end? You have stated it so well – quality matters Christy

  4. Thank you for saying what I am thinking! Folks tell me to do video, and why would I want to do video just for doing video reasons? I have become comfortable in not chasing the shiny object, and so appreciate support in that arena. Live video has a place, and if done well is great; but I have seen far more done poorly, and just want to unfollow them!

    1. Robin, kudos to you for not chasing the shiny object. And you never want those faithful to you to unfollow you because you rushed into something that wasn’t right for you or those you support. Who has time to do extra marketing just for the sake of saying that you did it? Christy

  5. I agree completely. If we do not have a strategy for going live, then what is the point? There are so many other options right now and LIVE is just one of them. Lately I have found success with using 20-40 second videos. Some are about me but most are either inspirational.. or showing off one of my new designs. I have not tried the LIVE option yet. That being said, once I have designed a strategy to use LIVE, it will most likely become part of my marketing plan.

  6. You said what I’ve been thinking! Everyone is emphasizing live video. Meanwhile, on my personal Facebook profile page, people are wondering how they can get the Live notifications to stop. I get impatient and normally watch video on 1.5x speed. So, Live video can be frustratingly slow for me. Plus, when I’m up at 4 am, I can’t listen to video (headphones are an option, but I don’t always have them nearby). You’ve made great points as well as confirmed some of my suspicions about live video.

    1. Meghan, The noise is another issue. Stats tell us that up to 80% of video on Facebook is watched without the sound. I wonder how much of it is watched at 1.5x speed? I have done that with books, but had not thought about that with video…I need to investigate.

  7. Excellent points. I’m thinking of video in 2017 but probably not live. And good point about the number of people who don’t listen to video. I know I generally don’t. I love the ones that are captioned. As I have said many times, I can read faster than I can listen to other people speak. 🙂

  8. My parents often said a similar thing to us–if we didn’t have anything ‘good’ to say, then say nothing. The main reason I hate social media and spend very little time on it is because there are far too many people flapping their lips and saying much of nothing.

  9. Agreed. Far too much noise out there. However, I should be careful not to throw stones as a person who lives in a glass house. I love my show and I hope it has a lot of meaning and value!

  10. Love your post Christy! So many great tips 🙂 My mom used to say that too lol
    I love video and my goal is to do MORE live ones on FB over the next few months. I know that video is where its at and if I want to make sure that my audience sees my message and understands it I need to get on video and out of my comfort zone! Working on my plan! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  11. Great advice! Too many people are just talking because they can! They hear that live-streaming is the way to go now – so they do it – without a plan and without something helpful. Planning out a strategy before starting is a good idea – but knowing me I will get too bogged down in the “safe place” of planning and never go live! 😉

  12. There do need to be a strategy, but you do not always need that to press the button and go live on a live stream channel…as a company nowadays it is also important to ’embrace our imperfection’ as Brian Fanzo and Bryan Kramer says…Of course, you might not want to go live to talk about yourself or what you ate at breakfast if you live stream for your company. But a spontaneous live stream showing something that’s happening now at your business shows something raw. And it does not always have to be part of a well-thought strategy. That’s more for planned video clips. 🙂

    1. Katarina, yes we do need to embrace our imperfections. And, no, no one cares what we ate for breakfast. They do care what you ate for dinner with your wine 😉 You do a fantastic job with your video and live stream. Always interesting and informative. Christy

  13. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for years, so when I see people going live without a tripod, I get both literally and metaphorically nauseated. The shaky camera, one second you’re looking at the ground and the next it’s the sky. Oh wait, let’s quickly show you this and that and this other thing over here. Steady camera, please! There are people that I might enjoy their content, but because I’ve experienced something like this, I ignore their broadcasts.

    1. Jennifer, I had to laugh at this. One of my first videos never saw the light of day because it would have made everyone sea sick. We had fun making it and learned a lot, but it was quite shaky. The message was valuable and we used the content in other forms because the video was a blooper. Thankfully this was before live video was a thing. No ground or sky, but I understand what you are saying. Thank you for sharing your valuable insight. Christy

  14. Excellent feedback about video. Everyone is saying video is where it’s at. I’ve started doing more live videos and definitely prefer to go live when Ive thought through my comments and the value I want to deliver. Great reminder about the legal pieces.

    1. Tandy, there are some great live videos out there. I watched an amazing one last night. He talked about “keeping up with the Jones’s” so to speak. Do we do what we do just because everyone else is doing it and we feel the pressure or are we doing it to achieve some real business purpose???? Great perspective. Christy

  15. I am still fighting video. I prefer to read since I can skim and read in depth if I need to. I hate wasting my time on most of the live feeds that are happening. I agree with your reasons to not go live. Wish a lot more people would read it.

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