Moving Hacks, Tips & Tricks

According to Liberty Mutual, 60% of people reported losing sleep over moving. May is National Moving Month.  That means there are lots of experts sharing great ideas on moving. Use these hacks, tips and tricks to have a more successful move.

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Moving Hack

Take Pictures

Your electronics were a pain to set up the first time.  If you’re like me you are easily confused by all of the remotes; who has time to be concerned with all of the wires and plugs? @AngiesList shared a moving hack so that you will be sure to catch your favorite game as soon as you move.  Simply “take pictures of how your electronics are plugged in before you pack them away!”

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Color Code

Cosmopolitan has a great moving hack. Color code your boxes by room so that the movers can put them in the right place.  

Take the 12-12-12 Challenge

Anita Clark (@Annite_Clark) reminds us that you just because you own it you don’t have to move it.  There are some things you should leave behind. Can you find 12 items to give away and 12 items to donate for every 12 items you keep and move with you?

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 Moving Tips

Don’t Move Garbage

Did you know that movers move everything?  By everything I mean even your garbage and rotten food.  @LeadersMoving shared this tip, “Defrost your fridge the day before, it helps to move it to the garage”. This way you can get your fridge nice and clean before you move it to the new house.

banana peel in trash can m oving trash

Protect Your Identity

Don’t throw your life out in the garbage. @BennettsRem1 shares an invaluable tip to protect your identity.  “When clearing out paperwork, be sure to shred any items with personal details before disposal” It is also helpful to know which records you need to keep handy during a move. It’s never fun digging through boxes to find that one piece of paper you have to have and just can’t lay your hands on after the move.  

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Draw It Out

After 9 moves in 13 years, my personal favorite moving tip is to draw a layout of your new home to scale.  Then cut out your furniture to scale.  Play around with the paper furniture to see how it lays out in the room.  It is far easier to move paper furniture than real furniture. When you’re happy with the layout, tape it down and make photocopies.  Highlight each room and tape it to the door of that room in your new home.  This way the furniture gets put exactly where you want it while you have help moving it! 

floor plan

Packing Tricks

Let Suitcases Do Double Duty

Packing is always a nightmare for me.  And it can be costly.  Save yourself some money using this trick from @BennettsRem1,” Use suitcases to pack items such as clothing.  It saves on boxes and they will need moving anyway.” 

Return Borrowed Items

They also tell you to “Return any borrowed items to their rightful owner.  Saves moving things unnecessarily.”  And, it’s just the right thing to do.

Use the Right Box

Moving boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.  Be sure to use the right box for your move. Small boxes are great for books and other heavy items.  Wardrobe boxes are just the thing for moving your clothes so you don’t have to take everything off of a hanger and then rehang them again in your new home. Plus, hangers are a mess to box up.  I speak from experience.  

mulit colored coat hangers

Take Precautions with Hazardous Items

During my first move, I ignored this section of the moving agreement. I thought I did not have any hazardous items.  I was wrong.  Yes, you have hazardous chemicals Think hairspray, paint, and many household cleaners. Hazardous chemicals require special attention and many movers won’t take them.  Teresa Corwart (@TeressaCowart) reminds us that care is needed when transporting these items for everyone’s safety.  

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 Have Pets

“Be sure to update their details.  This way, if they happen to get lost during or after the move, they will be returned to their new home,” says @BennettsRem1.


Now raise a glass, if you can find one, and celebrate your new home!

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