And would you like a pint of blood too?

Getting a mortgage today is a bit paperwork intensive; and that might be an understatement.  But, knowing what you need in advance and having it handy will make your mortgage process go a lot smoother.  It can also speed up the time it takes to close your loan.


Income documents-

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Charity Challenge

It is very rewarding to be a part of a company where values are more than just words on a website or mentioned in slick marketing campaigns, but are actual living, breathing values that owners, executives and team members are expected to uphold each and every day.

If you look at any of my social media on a regular basis you can see that I firmly believe that one person can and should make a difference in the world. That each of us should reach out to lend a helping hand whenever possible.Lets do our part

For the third year in a row, my company (yes, I take so much pride in where I work that I call it MY company) has held an annual Charity Challenge. Below is an excerpt (highlights, underlines, bolding are my own) from our president regarding this challenge. Continue reading “Charity Challenge”

Do you have lender problems?

moversDon’t miss out on buying your dream house because another lender dropped the ball. Let the professionals at Starkey Mortgage help save the day.

In today’s crazy no holds barred lending environment, the difference in getting the house of your dreams or sleeping in your car with your goldfish while everything you own is packed into the back of a moving van boils down to a simple choice that YOU make at the beginning of your home buying journey. That choice is who will my loan officer be? Continue reading “Do you have lender problems?”