Pearly’s New Pad – The Adventure Begins

Pearly the Goldfish begins her adventure helping her human find a new homeLooks like we’re moving – again.  Just this morning my human said: “Hey Pearly, think it’s time we owned our own place, don’t you? “  Not that I mind, it’s getting pretty boring looking at these apartment walls and that roommate definitely needs an upgrade.  I’d been expecting this; she’s been surfing real estate sites on the Net so I’ve been boning up on the whole human house – buying routine anyway. (Although I love my human, let’s face it, she sometimes doesn’t do her research as well as she could.) That’s one of the advantages of being a Goldfish, you have a lot of time to think while you swim those circles.

And I’m thinking that we should try a one family pre-owned house. Mallory is creative enough to help design and build a great new one, but with her freelance music marketing business she isn’t going to have the time to put in.  If there is one flaw in my human it’s that she gets too engrossed in projects. (Just between us, she really gets obsessive about them.  Adore her but she can have a one track mind.) Designing and building a house would definitely take too much time from growing the business; our income would suffer.  Not that I’m materialistic at all, absolutely not, but I do like her to have the money to upgrade my castle every now and then. 

She’s going to go through the whole spectrum of options; I can see nights spent surfing the Internet and looking at Condos and Townhouses, multifamily houses and PUDs. (That’s Planned Unified Development, which I’ll let her figure out- it makes her feel smart.) Hmmm, with Adam in the picture and his Air Force career taking him to all kinds of places, I think a starter home in a good neighborhood will do quite nicely. It will be a place for him to visit between tours. As for us, for the last few years it’s been college dorms and places with roommates and we’re due for some space. So, I’ll let her look at all those housing options and then nudge her back to what I want -well, what will be best for her. 

Mallory playing the guitarr

And I’d better start nudging her to talk to the right people.  (She tends to think that every question she has can be answered on the Internet; problem is she’s never done this before so she doesn’t really know what questions to ask. Really, how can you know what you don’t know?  I’m told it’s a human thing.) While she’s looking at those housing options I’d better find someone who knows how to figure out what we can afford to buy and what kind of taxes go with what neighborhoods.  Then there’s maintaining the property (I’m pretty good at basic repairs on my castle but, sad to say, that skill hasn’t transferred to my human so we’ll budget for some help.) Add in up-front costs, something called earnest money, and inspections.  Then there’s insurance for the place. I don’t need flood insurance, the more water the better, but humans and their things don’t do so well in three feet of water so we’d better find out about that.  Add in the student loans she’s still repaying and we need some personal, professional help to figure out the finances. She’ll be the first of her friends to take the home owning plunge so there will be no helpful suggestion on finding good mortgage and house advice from that group. (You’d think for all the food they eat when they’re over here we’d get some wisdom out of them.)

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Our current living situation may be a problem too. I told her not to just pay her roommate for the rent but to put her name on the lease and start building a history; but I didn’t push that so we’ll just have to deal with it.  At least our credit score is good. 

I know Mallory and she’ll want to dive right in with a real estate agent. If we don’t know what we can afford that’s definitely skipping a step. (Love her, but skipping steps is a habit of hers. I don’t even want to think about the first few months of accounting horrors when she started the business.)  Absolutely a conversation to find out what the price range has got to be first.  Now, I’m not bragging, but I do have a pretty good feel for people, especially people in financial industries. (After all evading sharks is built into my DNA.)  It seems logical that I take that on.

I’m off to figure out who we’re going to talk to in the mortgage industry and expect that, with my expertise, we’ll make out just swimmingly.  But join us next week to find out how it’s going.

Swim away from the loan sharks

Looking for the next chapter in this adventure? Here is part 2 of Pearly & Mallory’s adventures in buying a new home.

32 thoughts on “Pearly’s New Pad – The Adventure Begins”

  1. What a fun way to explore moving, Christy! Having lived in my house since 1983, I cannot even imagine what it will be like when I finally decide to move. The longer we live in a place, the more stuff we have, right? All the best in finding your perfect place and wishing you a very smooth and almost effortless transition too!

  2. I love this Christy – such a fun and creative way to look at the issues faced when searching for a new home. Looking forward to reading more wonderful words from Pearly, the wise goldfish. 🙂

  3. I love Pearly’s perspective. Getting preapproved before contacting a real estate agent is a great idea to help you feel grounded in the process and not feel overwhelmed. Good luck Pearly and Mallory. It will be an adventure.

  4. Christy,

    A very creative piece of writing and I love Th gold fish what a brilliant idea the way you integrated this and moving isn’t one of my favorites unless someone it’s for a better job etc , or another planned reason.

    Lori English

    1. Lori, thank you and boy do I agree. Packing up all of your worldly possessions and moving is never easy even when the decision to do so is an easy one. I just hope the information helps people make an informed decision. Christy

  5. Pearly is a very wise goldfish! The financing is very important, especially today, when the requirements are much more strict than when I purchased my first home. I have heard of so many sales falling through due to approval!

  6. Love this style of writing and a fun way of looking at researching owning your own home. Buying a home can be a challenge, so it’s nice to see a fun spin on it.

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